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The first smart-growth development in Hicksville — a vacant building transformed into shared work space with 18 new apartments above — is just steps from the railroad station. Oyster Bay town leaders say it’s template to transform Hicksville into a vibrant walkable downtown.

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g2d group press

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Developer Presents Plan for Four-Story Apartment Building on East Main Street

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The proposed new building would stand just over 58 feet tall and would occupy 89% of the .36-acre site, according to the Riverhead Planning Department staff report. The developer proposes to provide 37 parking spaces, though the site is within the public parking district and no off-street parking is required by town code. Thirty-three of those spaces would be provided on the ground-floor of the building, with four additional spaces outside, on the south side.

The ground floor will have two “display windows” on Main Street that could be used as displays by local non-profit organizations, the staff report said.

The building will also have a private rooftop deck for tenants to enjoy the outdoors, an amenity that’s popular with residents at the company’s other buildings in Huntington, according to G2D principal Greg DeRosa. The developers are “very mindful of the… living environment as it relates to daily needs,” DeRosa said. “We make it simple, convenient and luxurious to live here. That’s why people come to our product.”

Rent That’s Just Right

A number of communities have an ample supply of rentals that suit more conventional wish lists — say, a unit in an ordinary apartment complex or a single-family home in a neighborhood where whole-house rentals are not unusual.

In this installment of Newsday’s Best Places to Live series, we highlight a sampling of great communities that have a sizable number of available rentals for a variety of budgets, ranging from entry-level to luxury.

Rental units, commercial space planned for Huntington

“Even before the town rezones the downtown, a couple of smaller mixed-use projects are already in the works. At the former Chroma Paint property owned by Tariq Mahmud at 154 Broadway, there’s an application to build 12 apartments over ground-floor retail. Another plan from Huntington-based developer Greg DeRosa aims to transform a vacant four-story, 30,000-square-foot office building at the corner of Broadway and E. Barclay Street into a mixed-use development with 18 apartments over ground-floor stores.

DeRosa said the effort to revitalize the downtown represents a big step forward for Hicksville.

“We’re providing a product that’s in high demand on Long Island,” DeRosa said. “The close proximity to the train station is invaluable. It’s a great starting point for us and hopefully we can do additional projects in Hicksville in the future.”

14 Apartments With Private Parking To Open In Huntington Village Next Spring

“A three-story, mixed-use building with private parking is readying to open its doors in Huntington Village next spring, according to the building’s owner.

Gregory DeRosa, owner of the 226 New York Ave. property sandwiched between New York Avenue and Gibson Street, said the structure will be comprised of 14 apartments spread evenly across its second and third floors. There will be 12 two-bedroom apartments, averaging 1,000 square feet each, and two one-bedroom apartments, averaging 800 square feet each.

All in all, there will be about 17,000 square feet of residential space. DeRosa said the apartments will rent for market rate, and that he already has a list of potential tenants ready to move in.”

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