At G2D, we deliver high-quality preconstruction services and identify cost-effective building solutions that ensure project success. Our preconstruction services provide a comprehensive and informed plan that will eliminate surprises and save time and money. During this critical decision-making stage, the proper balance between quality, cost, and function is established and maintained. Knowing this, G2D Development works diligently to contribute our knowledge of construction processes, current costs and value-based solutions that enhance the design process.

Here are just a few of our preconstruction services:

  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • Initial Project Scope Assessment
  • Budget Monitoring
  • In-house Architect
  • Review of Drawings and Specifications
  • Sustainable Design Studies
  • Bid Package Assembly
  • Subcontractor Qualification
  • Review of Regulatory Agency Requirements
  • Risk Assessment

Subcontractor Selection

One of G2D’s greatest strengths is our knowledge and relationship with the local subcontractor market. G2D Group has established a comprehensive database of qualified subcontractors throughout NYC, Nassau, and Suffolk County and we know who to trust with your project.  We understand the importance of utilizing reputable local subcontractors/suppliers and we will make every effort to keep the entire G2D team updated on subcontractor performance on our projects. 

Project Management/Field Operations

G2D delivers proven client-focused business practices, high standards of quality and safety, and a variety of construction services customized for the success of each project. As your construction manager, we handle all aspects of the organization and implementation of the process. We provide the following project management and field operations services:

  • Evaluate Schedules, Budgets, and Constructability
  • Coordinate Construction Documents
  • Customize and Implement Project Procedures
  • Manage, Schedule and Coordinate Subcontractors
  • Monitor Construction for Conformance with Design Documents
  • Develop Construction Subcontracts
  • Monitor and Maintain Cost Control
  • Assist with Permitting and Approvals
  • Facilitate Substantial Completion
  • Project Progress Reporting
  • Project Cost Reporting
  • Billing Management
  • Procurement of Materials and Services
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Close-Out

Quality Control

A comprehensive plan is a foundation for quality control on any project. Quality projects are critical to our success and begin with a thorough understanding of the client’s objectives, plans, and specifications. Our project management and field personnel are dedicated to ensuring that we have constructed and performed in accordance with our client’s goals. We are aligned with subcontractors that stand behind our commitment to only delivering quality work.
We continuously emphasize the need for quality workmanship in our daily discussions and subcontractor meetings. Our quality assurance checklist is a key tool we use for monitoring quality and provides our clients with consistent, measurable results each and every day.

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